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2021-11-19 13:36removed users, using global hook nowflupe8+46-48
2021-11-19 09:23added command for updating descriptionflupe2+69-17
2021-11-19 01:14added empty descriptionflupe1+0-0
2021-11-19 00:45added post-receive hookflupe2+50-1
2021-11-18 21:37added file for AuthorizedKeysCommandflupe3+51-29
2021-11-17 23:17updated README, wishful thinkingflupe1+26-1
2021-11-17 23:11using filesystem instead of json for credsflupe6+13-27
2021-11-17 20:40ugly interactive shell before peio comes influpe2+70-4
2021-11-17 16:14added git-upload-archive cmdflupe1+18-5
2021-11-17 11:11added default rule for global reposflupe1+4-0
2021-11-17 10:43changed syntax of user reposflupe2+2-2
2021-11-16 21:36le rewrite de peioLapinot3+80-25
2021-11-16 18:39basic shell functionalityflupe2+57-0
2021-11-16 16:57first commitflupe3+4-0